Okta Issuer (production) URL gets appened with oauth2/default

Hi Everyone,

Kindly I’m facing a small issue from the last few days and tried every thing possible to sort that out but no success. I’m trying to integrate the OKTA SignIn widget into one of my angular application. It all works well when tested locally with sandbox/test account. But when I go with production the issuer URL (which is not required oauth2/default) gets appended with oauth2/default. And as a result of that OKTA doesn’t allow me to pass through the SSO. If anyone could help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Set the issuer in your widget to your Okta domain (https://org.okta.com). Otherwise, the Widget will, by default, append “/oauth2/default” to the baseUrl provided, as it assumes you have access to the Default Authorization Server.