Okta java management SDK oauth service app

Hey there!

We are using the okta java sdk (with kotlin) in version 8.0.0 to be able to create and assign groups to test users for E2E IT’s in a dev environment. To that end, I created an oauth service application and set it to private/public key according to the guide in the SDK docs. Everything worked great, but now I am attempting to update the sdk to V10.0.0, but for some reason, that option seems to have vanished. the docs no longer mention an option to use oauth with the management SDK, and seemingly nothing in the migration guide suggests it’s still available as an option. when I try to initialize the ApiClient, it seems there’s a discrepancy between how ApiClient defines oauth and how the access token retriever service does -

ApiClient -

authentications = new HashMap<String, Authentication>();
    authentications.put("apiToken", new ApiKeyAuth("header", "Authorization"));
    authentications.put("oauth2", new OAuth());

AccessTokenRetrieverServiceImpl -
authNames = new String[] { "OAuth_2.0" },

and invokeApi throws a RestClientException with Authentication undefined: OAuth_2.0.

I tried to make the switch to api tokens like the sdk docs suggest, but that’s problematic as they expire every 30 days and I need a permanent solution. Is this a known bug or is the option to use oauth simply removed from the SDK?