Okta login with Firebase authentication on Expo project

Hello! I am trying to implement Okta SSO login with Firebase authentication in react native application that is using expo. I was following the documentation from react-native-firebase, which uses react-native-app-auth and react-native-firebase. However, when I added react-native-app-auth to the project, the Android build failed and the iOS app crashed when a function from react-native-app-auth was called.

I think this is because react-native-app-auth requires some native code setup, as explained in the introduction file in the github repository, which I don’t think is directly possible with Expo. Is there a way I can use react-native-app-auth in an Expo project?

I also explored using expo-auth-session but I encountered the following error:

Unable to process request due to missing initial state. This may happen if browser sessionStorage is inaccessible or accidentally cleared. Some specific scenarios are - 
1) Using IDP-Initiated SAML SSO. 
2) Using signInWithRedirect in a storage-partitioned browser environment

I couldn’t figure out why exactly this was happening, but it may be because the expo-auth-session library doesn’t account for Firebase authentication.

I think the ideal solution is using react-native-app-auth as mentioned in the first documentation. Is there a way to set this up in an Expo project? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this since I have been stuck on this for a few days. Thank you!

Hello! You might be able to use react-native-app-auth with the expo-linking library. You can also set up native code in Expo apps using the command npx expo prebuild. Please see this guide: Authentication with OAuth or OpenID providers - Expo Documentation