HI Andrea,

We are using a ASP.NET Web form Application but having issues to use the AUTH URL without default. With default it works fine but since its licensed we want to change it.

We are referring to the below code:

Secure Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application with OpenID Connect and Okta

This tutorial walks you through securing your ASP.NET Web Forms application with OpenID Connect and Okta

where there is no mention of setting AuthorizationServerId to String to Empty

Please help to give your advice.


If you want to follow that sample but use your Okta Org Authorization Server you will need to make some modifications.
Currently the code sets _authority to https://{yourOktaDomain}/oauth2/default
You will want to change this to https://{yourOktaDomain}

In the code there are two places {_authority}/v1/token and {_authority}/v1/userinfo
Change these to {_authority}/oauth2/v1/token and {_authority}/oauth2/v1/userinfo

I also see a number of comments at the bottom of the forum post, so I am not sure if you may run into other issues.
I suggest looking at the Okta ASPNET Web Form Samples as well.