Okta-org to okta-dev sign in

We need to add sign-on from an okta-org to our application, i.e.A user can click our application chiclet in their dashboard and sign in.

We’re using okta-dev as our identity service, for our multitenant web app.

We have an OIDC flow to sign users into our application from the okta-dev.

Firstly, is my assumption correct that following the okta to okta guide that will let users click a chiclet and be signed in to our app?

Secondly, as we use the email domain to determine which tenant a user should be created in it essential that the user has verified their email address, is there a way to only authenticate users that have verified their email at the okta-org?


@mark.chadwick Yes, you can try it.
You may also refer the examples here. The doc includes authenticating a user with username(email)/password credentials.