Setup SSO with OKTA for my angular app

I need to know how to set SSO with OKTA for my Angular 5 App . Previously i tried OPENID Connect, but there we need to provide client_id and Org_url . So by this only a particular user can authenticate with that provided client_id and Org_url(provided in the params).But my case is that any user could login or signup to my Application with OKTA credentials.

Hey @chandulella23

I’m not sure what you mean by “only a particular user”, do you mean “users that are associated with your okta OIDC application”?

Also do your users already have Okta credentials? or do you need new users to register as well?

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Hey @bdemers i need to know how can i add sso to my angular app… Just take me through the process. We do regularly attach google and facebook sso to our application. Likewise i need to add okta as a sso to my application

@chandulella23 Let’s take a step back :smiley:

What problems were you having with using an OIDC client? That is your best bet (and it should work the same way as your google and facebook clients too)

hey @bdemers if i am providing org url of my okta company and one of my application client id. Then only those users present inside that company can login to my application.But my question is , how can i allow any okta user to login to my application by providing okta username and password at the time of sign in

Hey @chandulella23!

The term “any Okta user” is a bit overloaded. Depending on the situation it could mean anything from any user from within a specific okta org, to any user on the internet (as some orgs allow for self registration)

Do you want to allow access to any user on the internet? Do you want to allow other Okta administrators to install your application into their org? There are a few more options too, I just need to know a bit more about your use-case.

Hey @bdemers , Thanks for your reply.
I am new to Okta and i know very less about Okta configurations.
So coming to basics i need to add Okta to my Angular Application as a Single Sign In.

So here you can see google , facebook and linkedin sso’s . If i clicked on any one of these links my application will redirect to google sign in page.Any one who has gmail account globally can sign in and it will redirect back to a specified uri with a code/access_token.Same for facebook and linkedin.
So my question is how can i add Okta over here where any Okta user(i.e… any user who have signed up for Okta whether that user is associated with my okta OIDC application or not) can sign in to my application using okta credentials.

Use Case :

  1. New Lead will visit to my angular application login page
  2. If Lead is an existing Okta User then Lead will Click on Okta SSO link
  3. Lead will redirect to Okta Login Page
  4. Lead will provide their Okta credentials.
  5. If lead provided details are correct and lead is an active Okta user then , it should redirect back to a specified Uri with access_token/code

Note: I do have my angular application hosted on other domain. I haven’t created or integrated my angular application in Okta .

Thanks In advance