Okta React Login Example not working

Hi, I am referencing this guide that is linked by Okta. https://github.com/okta/samples-js-react/tree/master/okta-hosted-login
Something weird happened. I followed the steps and everything was working just fine last week. Then all of a sudden I start the application up again and i just get a blank screen. I cloned a fresh copy, and the same thing is happening. I’m new to React, but when I cloned the 2nd time, i just followed the steps and did not modify any files besides the contents in .samples.config.js

What i see:

I also see this for a split second while the page is loading, then the contents of the first image are shown. (the random text is me adding text to the body of index.html as a sanity check)

Hi @william,

I just cloned the repo and tried it out. It seems to work fine for me.
Can you try opening it in an incognito window? You could try clearing your cache/try a different browser.

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oop didn’t think of clearing my cache, that did it thanks!

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O i just figured out what causes the blank page. I cleared my cache, ran the React client, everything is good. Then I closed the client. I logged into my okta dashboard in a separate tab. Once I did that, and tried launching the react app again, I got the blank screens. So I’m running my dashboard on a VM. Not an issue for me at all, just wanted to let you know.