Okta ResetPassword URL for New User

Hi All,

Currently when new user tries to reset password from URL with from Uri appended https://{domain}.okta.com/reset_password/drpj62pPwZGJ12345678?fromURI=https://www.epo.org , initially user is taken to welcome page where its asking to answer security question and update phone number once that’s done on click of create account instead of taking to reset password screen it takes user to from Uri URL, is there any way to bypass this? it would be very helpful if I get solution on this

There is no way to bypass the Welcome page in Okta Classic. The first time the user accesses the Okta domain after they are activated, they will be prompted with the Welcome page so they can provide their password (if the admin has not set one for them) and/or their Security Question and Image.

This page does not exist in Okta Identity Engine, so you could look into testing in an OIE org to see if you like the new behavior better.