Okta Sample React SPA is not working

I’ve been trying to integrate okta auth in react application. So, I started by trying this: Sign in to your SPA with the embedded Okta Sign-In Widget | Okta Developer
But, this is showing error: Uncaught (in promise) OAuthError: The requested feature (Interaction Code flow) isn't enabled in this environment. Ensure that you have Okta Identity Engine enabled and the Interaction Code flow enabled for this application and authorization server.
Although I have exported export USE_INTERACTION_CODE=true as an env variable.
I tried googling the error, but, found nothing relevant.

Hi @govindtomar21 If you have an OIE tenant, make sure Interaction code is enabled in your app’s configuration. If you are also using a custom authorization server, interaction code grant type has to be enabled in your access policies. Otherwise, you can set USE_INTERACTION_CODE=false

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 12.16.25


Hey @Regis,
Thanks for reverting back!
I cannot find IF Grant type is section on my dashboard. Can you tell me where it is?

You see it only if you have API Access Management and uses a custom authorization server, which may not be your case. Do you have the Interaction code option in your app?
What version of the widget are you using?

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No, I don’t have Interaction Code option in my app and the version of the widget is 6.7.1

You must have a classic tenant, interraction code flow is for OIE. You can set it to false to run the sample.

On your Okta admin dashboard, check the version at the bottom of the page, if you see it ending with a ‘C’, this confirms that you have a classic tenant.


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