Okta "search" REST endpoint related questions

Viewing the complete url for the REST endpoint and convert ExtensibleResource to actual returned object type

I am trying to build a GET request using search for users with a given attribute having a specific value

I am using the below construct

    Map<String, String> qParams = new HashMap<>();
    qParams.put("search","profile.customArrayAttr eq \"A1\"");
    String qp = MapQueryUrlencode.urlEncodeUTF8(qParams);
    ExtensibleResource response = client.http().setQueryParameters(qParams)
   .        get("https://dev-111111.oktapreview.com/api/v1/users", ExtensibleResource.class);

I have two questions :

  1. How do I find out what the final url looks like after adding the queryparameters by doing setQueryParameters above
  2. The search endpoint is supposed to be returning the list of user objects from Okta. How do I convert the ExtensibleResource response to a List of okta Users?