Okta setup/example for Spring without Boot


I’m looking for documentation / tutorial about using Okta with ease (i.e. importing Okta modules, setting simple properties, coding Java configuration - like in GitHub - okta/okta-spring-boot: Okta Spring Boot Starter ) in a Spring (only) webapp build up with maven (i.e. has a pom.xml)

It’s really hard (if not impossible) to find; almost all examples found throughout the internet require Spring Boot.

I also found this topic: Spring configuration without Spring boot but it’s about securing an API, which I don’t want; I only want to secure webpages (in a JSP-like technology).

Any idea?

PS: I forgot to say this legacy app I’m working on is stuck on Spring 4.3 (& Spring Security 4.2) - and there’s now way to upgrade it unfortunately…

Hello again, any help appreciated, thank you.

Sorry, but I am kind of the same problem …

My company asked me to implement this feature, in a java environment without Spring, without Spring, Spring Boot, etc. etc.

And I didn´t find any example how to do it…

Do you know at least if it´s possible ?

Because the front end is in react, maybe we can do this in the front end with react integration, seems to be possible to do it.

Absolutely don’t know, in my case the front is in JSP/JSF/Primefaces, so no JS at all.

Sorry, you are making the integration with the OKTA in the front-end ? or in the back-end ?

In the development page I saw that its possible to integrate from react —> to —> okta direct.

that is why I am asking this.

I said “Spring (only) webapp” which means a web application based on (Java) Spring, i.e. frontend & backend are glued together: there is no JS (it’s JSP/JSF/Primefaces).