Okta Sign In Widget And Vue - Example not working

I have followed the Okta tutorial at: Okta Sign-In Widget and Vue | Okta Developer to the T on a new Vue 3 Application, the app will allow me to go to the login page, login, then returns to the index and there is no authentication data and I am not authenticated. I can see the request going to Okta succeeding but for some reason it is failing, and without any errors.

Are you using Okta or Auth0? I don’t think Okta SDKs will work with Auth0 (yet).

I’m sorry, that was a typo! This is all Okta!

I’m not sure if that tutorial is up-to-date. I haven’t tried it myself. I do know that the Vue sample for the Okta CLI has been upgraded to Vue 3 and works. It doesn’t use the embedded Sign-In Widget though, it redirects to Okta and uses the hosted version of the Sign-In Widget.

Steps to try the sample I mentioned:

  1. Install the Okta CLI
  2. Run okta login to link it to your existing account
  3. Run okta start vue to download and configure a Vue app

Awesome, thank you! This worked right out of the box! Someone should really update those doc pages, I have been banging my head off a desk for hours haha!

Now lets see if I can break it install MDB5! :smiley:

Thanks again!

You’re most welcome. We’ll get the tutorial updated.

Do you happen to have a hidden tutorial for .NET Core Azure Functions as well? I was only able to find one for ASP.NET Core API’s. (samples-aspnetcore/samples-aspnetcore-3x/resource-server at master · okta/samples-aspnetcore · G)

There are some results for “Azure Functions” on our developer blog. I’m not sure if they’ll help because I’m a Java developer and don’t C#. :wink:


Unfortunately the articles I’ve found are far outdated to the current Azure Functions environment. Is there any colleagues you could ping? It would be greatly appreciated!