Okta Spring Boot in Cloud

I am working on a Spring Boot Application and using Okta to protect the API end points.
I created a web-app and am using the following in the application.properties


This works for me as expected in my local system but I am facing issues when I deploy to cloud .
I get this error when I login to Okta using my credentials. The credentials are correct and I am able to login to Okta using these. But when I try to access the spring boot app I get the error :

Login with OAuth 2.0

Invalid credentials

Can someone help me understand why this happens ?

Hi there. Is this error being displayed on the sign-in widget? Where is the error being thrown in your network tab, at your /authn endpoint?

The error is being displayed on the screen after I login to Okta .
The url that shows in the browser at the point is : APP_CONTEXT + /login?error

When I check the network tab, it shows the /authn returns a 200 .
This is the flow of events in the network tab:

  1. authn → 200
  2. https://****.okta.com/login/step-up/redirect? → 302
  3. callback
  4. login?error which I get on the screen

@Smitha I am facing the exact same issue. Did you find a solution to the problem?

Did you resolve this issue? I’m having the same problems and can’t resolve it.