Okta spring security OAuth not working with proxy url


We have developped using Java Spring Boot a custom dashboard deployed in Azure as a service connected to a custom Authorization server in Okta. Everything works fine, authentification does works but we want to have a clean url and not a standard azureappservice.com one.

So we put a proxyfied the traffic using Cloudflare to achieve this. The authentification still works with Okta but the issue comes after when trying to reach after being logged in, we reach the /login?error page telling [authorization_request_not_found] :

I can’t figure out why this is happening as the authentification works, the session cookie seems to be wrongly understood by the authorization server. There are no error in the system logs.

Thank you for any help !

We have checked the session cookie and it’s the correct domain used inside it, also the /authorize endpoint seems to be correctly used.

Anyone have an idea ?

I’m not sure why you’re seeing this error and it looks like there are a few different potential causes you may want to look into, namely that the session cookie is not getting set properly or is being overwritten

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