Okta support for Identity Server 4


We have a client that uses Okta but would like to incorporate our own Identity Server provider for when the service is unavailable. is there a way to integrate your service using OAuth 2.0 and not SAML?

Hi @mtowerssingular

Yes, this is possible. Please check out the guide here for the steps to set it up on your Okta org.

If you do not see the option to add an OpenID Connect IdP, please reach out to support@okta.com to have the feature GENERIC_OIDC_IDP enabled. At the moment, this feature can be enabled only on *.oktapreview.com orgs.

Hi @dragos

My Client is using the Otka for User Identity, So they want to implement the Facebook, Instagram and Apple-Id Login Integration in the application.

I found the Facebook login in the social authentication section, but want to know if Okta provide the support for Instagram and Apple-Id Login (Login with apple and login with instagram)