Generic OpenID Connect Identity Provider is not possible


Currently i have 2 accounts, one “developer” and another “trial”, and according to this docs is possible to add my own OpenID Connect Identity Provider.

Here the steps from the docs:

"To connect your org to the IdP, add the IdP that you just created.

  1. In your Okta org, select ‘Social & Identity Providers’ from the ‘Users’ menu.
  2. Click ‘Add Identity Provider’ and select ‘Add OpenID Connect IdP’.


But the option “Add OpenID Connect IdP” is not displayed, just Google, Facebook and SAML 2.0.

Is this has anything to do with being a trial or developer account?


Hi @Juroviol

The feature in question is GENERIC_OIDC_IDP which became GA in preview along with the last major release. If your developer tenant is under *, you can request it through a support case from Okta Support Portal or by email at

For production environments (* or *, the feature can not be activated yet as it is in beta status.

Hello @dragos

Thanks for clarification.

Yes via feature flag:



I don’t undestand. Is something i’ve to do in my account?


@Govner anyway, as @dragos said, this feature is not production ready.

All Early Access features receive the same SLA support as GA

I went to Settings->Features and didn’t see anything there that related to OpenID Connect IdP.

So I enabled all early features just to see. This didn’t show up.

Is there somewhere else I need to go to set this feature flag?

Hi @ksonderegger

Please send an email to and request for the feature GENERIC_OIDC_IDP to be enabled on your Okta org.

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