Okta Upload Mobile App Error

Trying to upload an iOS .ipa file to display in the Okta Mobile App Store; however, I cannot seem to upload the binary. The only error message from the UI is “We found some errors. Please review the form and make corrections.” and in the network response, it returns a 500 error with the following:


I followed this guide here:

Can you please explain what this error is?

Hi @jonny, unfortunately, no one that is on the mobile app team is currently involved in this forum. Do you mind sending an email to support@okta.com?


Sure, I have a second support ticket coming in. For archive purposes, this error appeared to be a permission issue even though I was an admin. Make sure your settings / user include the mobile admin.

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I wonder where are you going to transfer data ? from iPhone to computer , or from iPhone to Android , Different equipment, operation method is also different.