Publishing an Application to Access Okta API


I’m looking for some help / guidance with publishing an app.

Our users will use our application to pull data from their okta account’s api.

Currently we have it working. The users creates a new Native App with authorization_code with PKCE, they set their scopes, and assign users and it works.

Is it possible to reduce the setup steps by publishing an app to the Okta App Network? So that the users won’t have to specify redirect url and all the other settings?

We currently have the PKCE working with our backend (python) server that triggers the redirects.

At this time, we do not support Native applications in the OIN, more details here and here.

I assume when you say users, you are referring to end-users that are in different/separate Okta tenants?

Yes, correct. Users in different/separate Okta Accounts.

Short of submitting to the OIN, an option you have is to produce integration docs for the Okta admins in these other Okta tenants so that they can manually integrate with you using a standard, custom OIDC Native application.