How should we integrate platform with OKTA

Hi everyone!

Our company has product which is available on iOS, Android and WEB. We would like to integrate OKTA for our customers from business. Main point is make sign in easier, so we excepted that all users with OKTA account will be able to use their account on on-boarding process. It is similar with Google, Twitter or sth… Recently, We have implemented PKCE flow on our mobile apps but we consider that it doesn’t work globally. We researched all documents but we didn’t find straightforward answer how add our app to OKTA Network and achieve what we want.

Finally, question is: is it possible and how we can do this? Do you have experience with that?


You should be able to use our AppAuth SDKs for iOS and Android. I’ve also written tutorials on our Developer Blog that show how to add authentication to Ionic and React Native apps.