Handle user assignments for unpublished native app, if already a web app is published?

We have already published the app with type Web. However to add support for Native apps, do we have to publish separate apps for IOS and Android as well?

The problem under consideration is whether the user is authorized to each app separately or not.
If we don’t publish our native apps, then how can different users be provisioned for the native apps?
I’m using the IOS SDK for integrating the native app.

However, how can we ensure that only authorized users are able to access resources across different apps, without having to publish all the apps.

Our main web app is published already, however, for authorisation of separate users for separate apps, do we publish have to publish the apps, separately?

For example, our main web app has assignments for Users A, B and C. Now that we have created new native apps, within the same tenant, how can i auto-assign these users to my native app. We don’t want to publish apps separately.


For you web that is ‘published’, are you referring to published on the Okta Integration Network?

Web type app, is already published.
Now we want the same flow on mobile apps, do we have create separate native apps and then publish them too? Because to run mobile sdk’s we require client ids of native app.

@erik i hope you get my point

For OIN applications typically web apps are the supported app type.
There are some SPA applications but there are restrictions to the flow, see here.

If you want to have a Native App (not browser based on a mobile device) I don’t know that this can be accepted to the OIN.
It might be possible that you can document there is a mobile app available to download from the iOS store and include instructions on how to configure it for each Org, etc.

I suggest reaching out to oin@okta.com which is the group that handles all of the submissions and can provide more detail.

Thank You,

We have already have our Arrivy app published on OIN, and it’s Oidc supported web type app.

Now, to integrate mobile sdk’s, do we require separate native app type applications to be published on OIN?
Because when i use the clientId of the already published web type app, to initialize mobile sdk’s, it says invalid client.

If we add native app to our tenant, do we have to publish them separately as well?
Can our already published, web-app be made available to be used for mobile app, sdk’s?

We can’t have different apps published for our organization, for different platforms i.e web and native apps.
We want that all users assignments are used of the web-type app, and native app(un-published to OIN), its client id be used for mobile sdk’s.

I hope you understand.