Can we publish an OAuth app to OIN

Hi all

I have an OAuth application created that allows users access to my company’s portal, with a provided client-id and client-secret

We have a unique redirect URI set up on the server side.

We would like to publish the app to Okta Integration Network, so that our clients can install the app on their Okta portal, have the redirect URL set up from our app, and they come to us with the generated client id and secret.

When trying to publish through, and I see SAML as the only option, is it possible to somehow use this to achieve what we’re looking for?

Hi @milmarko92

This feature is currently being built by our engineering team and will be available in the upcoming months.

@dragos is there any update on this? :slight_smile:

Hi @milmarko92

The feature is currently targeted to be released in Spring 2020.