OKTA users API Filters


Has anyone used “contains” OR “endsWith” OR “is not null” operators in OKTA Users API??

Any help !!!


Thanks for the reply.

Gone through the link. The table doesnt have the “contains” or “is not null” or “ends with” kind of operators. However, it says that most of the SCIM operators are allowed.

Have tried co for contains, ew for endswith and pr (value is present and is not null), however, it doesnt work.

Was wondering if anynone has used these ones before or its just that the OKTA doesnt support these operators at all !!

Hi there,

I think they don’t support this (yet) because of performance reasons. The response times of the API are crazy fast (200 ms or less), even when applying a large and complex filter.

The “is not null” or “is not empty” would be very nice though.

To add to Aad’s answer the only filters currently supported is eq (equals) or sw (starts with).