What exact filters are support for List user with search API and can we perform case insensitive searching?

I went through the documentation link of users API where all possible filters are mentioned. I also found it written like most of the filters which SCIM Protocol specification support are supported.

But when I tried to use some of them like co (contains), ne (not equal) to filter out null or empty values it didn’t worked. Filters which only worked was eq (equal) and sq (startwith).

Fields on which I was performing these filters were having string type of value.

I really want to use contains to search users with case insensitivity where I should also be able to filter out null or empty values as well.

Please help if anyone has come across such requirement and know the solution of it or knows what exact filters are supported and how to make case insensitive searching.

Those are not supported, I believe. To be able to do that, I had to get all users and filter them out locally.

The other workaround would be to create a group in Okta called “null values for attribute X” and create a group rule with a condition user.attrX == null or user.attrX == '' Of course if it’s only a specific attribute(s) you are interested in searching nulls in