OmniAuth/Devise for RoR app -- 404 Bad Request/The requested feature is not enabled in this environment

Trying to follow the tutorial in the blog for Devise and Omniauth, stuck trying to “Sign In With Oktaoauth”. Need a nudge, please.

We’re using a trial account. Configured an application that looks like this:

Set up the RoR controllers to match how the source for the tutorial looks. The config params are:

The app appears to be functional, and the default Devise login looks like this:


When the link at the bottom is clicked (Sign in with oktaoath), things go poorly:


The url being accessed is:

In reading other posts, it appears that whitelisting may be an issue. So I tried to follow the suggestions there:


Also, it appeared that removing “oauth2/default” from the ISSUER url helped some people, but it didn’t work for us.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Hi @llamapajama

The issue here is that API Access Management is not enabled on your Okta org. This paid feature gives you the possibility to create custom authorization servers, as mentioned here.

If you would like to use the free alternative, the best option would be to use the Okta authorization server, which has the issuer and the configuration file available at

Saying this, the URL for authorization would look like

From what I can see, an error occurs on this link, mentioning that the redirect_uri is not whitelisted. In the URL, you have redirect_uri set to


while in the openid application you have it set to


Would it be possible to match the URLs and try again?

Thank you very much for the response. It’s very clear and straight forward.

I just hung up with your support team. Just in case anybody follows this same path, the problem was exactly the one you mention above: I had the wrong type of evaluation account. I had a workforce automation trial, and wanted a developer trial. The developer trial can be had here.

Also, thanks for pointing out my “s” in the url. I did so many tests and re-tests that I’m sure I got sloppy someplace along the line. Thanks again.