Passing username to External IDP in URI

Hi all

Apologies if this has been answered before but I could not find it. I am configuring a SAML Identity provider to provide SSO to my Okta console. This is all working but as it stands the users have to enter their email address twice, one on the Okta logon screen and the second on the IDP logon screen, so not the best end user experience.
The External IDP supports the username being passed as part of the URI string for example;

What I can’t seem to work out is how to get Okta to do this as part of the SSO redirect. I have tried a number of different ways such as;

None seem to work. Is it possible to pass a variable as part of the SingleSignOn URL and if so, what am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


It’s not possible to add a variable with a dynamic value to the url. It sounds like Okta will send the “LoginHint” parameter to the IdP containing the username but I guess that’s not what your external IdP supports.

Okta also supports passing the identifier to the IdP with parameter “LoginHint”, so that the user doesn’t need to input the identifier again when redirected to IdP to sign in.

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