Pass username on URL login okta

Hi ,

When the client redirects the user to Okta login page to enter the credentials , I would like the name of the client to be repeated … in the entry filed ? (not entered !)

(like ADFS login permit it with the %user,ameù in the URL / REST API)

Hi @Philippe:

When making an authorization request, you can append the login_hint parameter with the user’s username. This will populate the login field when the user is redirected to Okta.

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We connect with SAML v2.0, not OpenId, and the “login_hint” at the end of the Url does not seem OK

There isn’t a comparable to login_hint in SAML. Your client could authetnicate and create a session with Okta using OpenID Connect, then redirect the user to the client app link to get SAML.

Just a thought and a workaround, I know it is not ideal.

Unfortunenatly we do not have the support of OpenID Connect with the version of ADFS 2.0 who manage the federation Identity

Understood, I would open a support case for this particular ER to make sure it makes it to the right team. That team isn’t currently involved in the dev forum.