How to pass login_hint into authorization url


I am quite new in OKTA. I want to pass login_hint in OKTA sign on page so that the username get filled with login_hint. I want to know that inside OKTA portal where we can define the parameters which are part of URL i.e. where i need to define the login_hint.

Can some one please help. Thanks in advance.

You can only include a login_hint during an SP initiated login to an OIDC application, in which case, you would add login_hint to the query parameters included in the /authorize request.

All supported request parameters for the Authorization Endpoint can be found here: OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API | Okta Developer

Andrea, Thanks for your quick response.
We are using Azure B2C as SP and the call to our Azure B2C SP is with login_hint and when the Azure B2C redirects to OKTA, it converts the query parameters under state properties and doesn’t share the login_hint.
Actual issue is that the User Session cache is stored and the Okta login page shows a prefilled Username if previously logged-in. We would like to prompt user to always fill the username.

That is expected behavior when the user already has an active session, user will only be prompted to reauthenticate with their password (if prompt=login is passed) or if their sign on policies require it, but they won’t be prompted for their username.

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