How to restrict login_hint parameter for Social Google IDP

I have configured Google IDP and using it for routing, login_hint parameter is populated with email address value which i assume is coming from Scopes. is their any way to stop this parameter being added.

I have already removed email scope from Google Oauth connection (Consent screen is already configured n GCP with required scopes) it did not work

I have also observe that in Auth0 when we configure Social Google IDP connection it does not populate value although the parameter goes with empty value
if there is way to achieve same in Okta please let me know

Okta will automatically send whatever username the user provided on the Okta login prompt as the login_hint along to the IdP.

I did find a feature enhancement request on our Okta Ideas site that matches your use case: Idea #177276. You can upvote this idea to indicate your interest and to track updates when Product reviews this request

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