Pass username to the Okta login page

Our application used this blog post, almost to a T, to setup Okta authentication. However, one of our requirements is to prefill the username field on the Okta login page (company) with the username the user filled out on the application side.

Is there any way at all to accomplish this? There was another similar forum post pack in September '19, but that wasn’t all-that helpful.

If anyone could provide an example, that would be extremely beneficial too. Thanks!

Were you unable to include a “login_hint” in the parameters for your authorize request?

If you’re using Okta’s .NET middleware, you should be able to include the login_hint in the AuthenticationProperties dictionary, example shown here for .NET 4.x MVC and here for .NET Core.

I had tried the solution you linked to before, but after looking at our package versions, it seems we were on an old Okta.AspNet sdk version. Updating to the recent version seems to have fixed the issue.

Thank you!

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