POST/GET username parameter to Okta to prefill username

Hi Folks,

In the past I’ve passed in a username value as a querystring / GET parameter to Okta to prefill the username in the Okta login form/widget, and just worked out at a client’s request, that you can also POST it.

Is there any official Okta documentation which talks to this feature other than devforum refrerences? My client would like some certainty that this feature is stable before they rely on it.

They don’t want to use login_hint with the querystring.


Which URL are you talking about?

Hey @phi1ipp, really just triggering sign in so visiting Using the query string flavour, this URL would be

I’ve also tested that a POST to with username as a POST parameter in the body works.

Either the get or post options will prefill the username on the sign-in page.

Hi @abole , I could not recall seeing something like that in the official documentation. Maybe Okta folks can clarify

Thanks for looking into it mate