Pre-fill username with embed link

We have an app that uses different authentication strategies for different users. For some users, we use Okta to authenticate, and for some we use a different IP. When the user visits the start page of the app, they enter their email address. If that user is to be authenticated with Okta, we send them over to the embed link, they authenticate, and then we get the SAML assertion request to our app and everything works great.

I’m wondering if there is a way to pre-fill their username with the embed link to save the user some typing. I tried username and login_hint e.g.:

but neither works; the field is just empty.

Hi @d1092371

You can check if a user is authenticated or not into Okta using this endpoint and, if they are not, redirect them to this link

This will redirect the user back to the embed app once authenticated and the username query parameter fills the username field inside the sign-in widget.