PHP-Laravel Implement user authentication via username and password

So we are developing an web-app in Laravel as back-end and VueJs as front end, in which we would like to implement Okta as SSO. We would like to implement authentication in following manner.

  1. User comes on our website and provide username and password via login form.
  2. Send post request to our server with user inputs.
  3. Verify user credentials on Okta and generate token
  4. Send token as response of login api.

I have searched the documents about how to implement this. And I found Identity engine implementation via Identity engine sdk. But I have not found any such Identity engine sdk for PHP or Laravel. So my question is

  1. Is this even possible in PHP?
  2. If yes, Can you provide any documentation or working demo to check?
  3. If not, What are the other option to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.