Embeded Authentication docs for Identity Engine with PHP

I have been following up the documentation for Identity Engine and noticed that there isn’t instructions for integrating Embeded Authentication with PHP in the Developer Guide.
Please is there any other location where I can get instructions on how to do Embeded Authentication with PHP?

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Hey @lehone I was looking for the exact same thing and I found this very useful: Add User Authentication and Okta Resource Management to Your PHP App | Okta Developer

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I also found this super useful php start guide with readymade example apps here : Before you begin | Okta Developer :grin:

Okay, let me have a look.

Hi @lehone. Unfortunately, we do not have PHP support for the Identity Engine Limited GA.

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Oh! okay. Thanks for the info.
I will look for a way around this.

but can I still use the available PHP SDKs?

I think we are allowed to. I do not see any restrictions in the competition’s rules.

Yup, its fine to use the existing PHP SDKs, such as the management sdk, just bear in mind that you won’t be able to use any of the OIE specific features with them.

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Hello! I just submitted my project that was also built in PHP (Laravel). I ended up using the Okta Sign In Widget for the frontend. There are somewhat fragmented documentation on how to use it with Identity Engine. But here’s a helpful link: Load the Widget | Okta Developer

I used the Node and ASP.net documentation to build a PHP version of it. It’s all basically web API calls, it just took a lot of tinkering with source code to figure it all out. Let me know if you run into any issues. I’ve been working with it now for the last 2 weeks. Finally got it to a stable place.

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