Primary Authentication API

Hi Team,

I have a question on Primary Authentication API. Is it possible to add additional attributes into the response for user profile. Like for example can we add middleName into the profile object. If we can, can you please explain.

“expiresAt”: “2015-11-03T10:15:57.000Z”,
“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“relayState”: “/myapp/some/deep/link/i/want/to/return/to”,
“sessionToken”: “00Fpzf4en68pCXTsMjcX8JPMctzN2Wiw4LDOBL_9pe”,
“_embedded”: {
“user”: {
“id”: “00ub0oNGTSWTBKOLGLNR”,
“passwordChanged”: “2015-09-08T20:14:45.000Z”,
“profile”: {
“login”: "",
“firstName”: “Dade”,
“lastName”: “Murphy”,
“locale”: “en_US”,
“timeZone”: “America/Los_Angeles”


You can add custom profile attributes to the User profile using the profile editor.
On the okta admin console go to Users -> Profile Editor and click on Profile under Actions.
In the window that opens, you can add your custom attribute, which will then be available for all user profiles.

Hi Vijet,

Thanks for the reply. I have added custom attributes using profile editor. But when I make a /authn call, I cannot see these custom attributes. But the full list of attributes do appear for Get User API call.

Are there any permissions that I need to change for these custom attributes?