Protect Client ID from user access


I’ve successfully integrated my React application with Okta! However, I have a question regarding security best practices. Specifically, I’m wondering what the best approach is for keeping the client ID confidential and protect it from user access?



Typically the client_id is not considered a secret as it will be visible in the browsers network tab during an /authorize call.

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Thank you @erik.

I was reading the Authorization Code flow for web and native client types of GitHub - okta/okta-auth-js: The official js wrapper around Okta's auth API and and I saw this:

Web and native clients can obtain tokens using the authorization_code flow which uses a client secret stored in a secure location

I thought that client_id is considered a secret.

client_id and client_secret are separate.

  • Public Apps (SPA / FE / Native) won’t have a client_secret, instead they will use PKCE
  • Private Apps (Web) will make use of a client_secret since they can securely store it.
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Thanks for your clarification.