Rate limits When Adding/Removing a Bulk of Users (using Python SDK)

I’m using the Python SDK and the AsyncIO library to migrate my users from an on-premise database into Okta as fast as possible.

Using an asynchronous process, I’m trying to play with the different functions like: await client.create_user(create_user_req) and
await client.deactivate_or_delete_user(user.id) for multiple users.

I see that Okta has documentation regarding rate limits when using API requests, which is fine, but it does not mention anything about parallelism. When I send over 15 requests together, my asyncio mechanism seems to freeze, without and response and/or error.

Are there any limitations to sending multiple requests at once? If so, what are they?

Can you tell if the request is in fact making it to Okta (in network events if not in the app logging)? Do you see any 429s?

I do not get any error code, as part of the process is if err ==> print(err) into a log file. The process just freezes.

Can you open an issue on the Python SDK for assistance with the issue in your environment?