React App - OKTA APIs failing in chrome

Okta API calls being blocked in chrome for some users with error net:ERR_FAILED and works in safari and edge.

it’s react application using below okta-react npm modules to connect to okta server

Version : @okta/okta-react/6.1.0 okta-auth-js/5.2.3

Error : chrome blocks call ( token, openid-config, userinfo ) with net:ERR_FAILED and preflight fails.

All required redirection domains has been white-listed at okta server end.

Any suggestion on this would be really appreciated…

Interesting that is only for some users - Just want to confirm that those endpoints do indeed work for other users in Chrome?

Yes for some users works, we have angular application connecting to same okta server and it works without any issue. seems to be that chrome not liking some headers injected by react okta sdk.

Interestingly if I turn on CORS plugin in chrome then seeing the failure - net:ERR_FAILED.

FYI - this happens with latest chrome as well.