React Native Sample App

I am having trouble getting the React Native Sample Browser Sign in App running on Android.

I have checked out the Git repo samples-js-react-native and I am attempting to use browser-sign-in on an emulated Android Q (API 29) device.

I have followed the setup including the okta App in my okta developer account and I believe I have entered the correct details in to samples.config.js and run the app. I get a login button appear and no errors, however when I click Login nothing happens.

I can confirm that the login button works (i.e. it console logs out when it is clicked) however the Promise from signIn (the function ultimately called when Login is clicked) comes back with an undefined return object (i.e. no token) and there is no error if I add a catch to it.

I am unable to see the network packets being sent as I can’t get my developer tools to connect for that particular capability.

How else can I troubleshoot this app?


Are you testing with a local Okta user and is the user assigned to the application? Do you see anything in the system log when you try to login to see if their primary authentication or authorize request was able to succeed?