React Sign-in widget disable popup

Hello! I’m using react sign-in widget in my application with identity providers. The problem is that social logins open as a popup window on mobile Safari and Chrome. And by default popup windows are blocked on mobile browsers.
Is there are any ways to open up social logins on the same page?

Hi there. I’m not seeing this behavior with my widget - it’s just a redirect. Is it possible you customized your application/widget code to open the social login screen(s) as a popup?

Assuming you are on the latest version of the Sign In Widget – though I believe this was added at some point between version 4 - 5 – you can set the authParams.display configuration to page, this will redirect the browser oppose to create a pop-up.

Hi Cale!
It is a redirect, on the computer, but when I try to make it work on the IPhone it is opening as a popup.

Thanks for your answer. I tried your solution, but it seems like it didn’t do anything. Safari on IPhone is still tries to open social logins as a popup.

I found a solution.
I the OktaSignInWidget.js widget.showSignInToGetTokens should be changed to widget.showSignInAndRedirect.

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