Reauth to different app

With our application, we have multiple apps deployed that a single user belongs to. A user can login to multiple apps. For example a user has access to apps at:

With our setup, we have three applications setup in okta and the user belongs to groups giving them permission to each applicaiton instance.

We want to be able to switch users from app to app without having the user login each time. What api calls to we need to make to get the user reauthed to a new instance of the application. Our current setup is using a react app, so we use the implicit flow (I think this is what it is called, but not sure). I need some step by step instructions on getting this done.

Hi @dlong

The easiest solution would be to add in the app switch menu on your end links to the /authorize endpoint of your Okta org with different client_id and redirect_uri for each application.

Once the user will click one of the app links, he will get authorized in Okta and logged in to the specific application, provided he has already an active session in Okta. If he doesn’t have an active session, he will need to log in and then he will be redirected accordingly.

OK, I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

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