Multiple Instances setup to use Same Okta App

Hey All - I am looking for some ideas on how to design / solve this need I have.

I have this app which will have many instances - (20-30) running at different urls. I would like to use the same Okta Application, if possible, to set up auth for all of those instances.

So, for e.g. -

I have integrated with myCommonApp in Okta. It allows user1 … userN access to the app.
There will be 20 other such instances but in some cases, the domains could be different also like -

I need the same users (support group) to have access to all these instances. One way would be to just create different apps in Okta and set up one to one auth. However, since its the same user group needing access, I would like to avoid that operational overhead.

Any ideas on how all these instances can use the same Okta App for auth?

Thanks in advance.

Wouldn’t it be better to assign users to a group and then assign that group to multiple applications? Depending on the auth flow you’re using it might not be a good idea to use a single app for multiple instances.

Yeah, more I thought about it after posting the message, more I think thats what I will do.

Thanks Warren.