Redirect after login with Github

Hi, starting to work on adding OKTA authentication to our internal app, with the company OKTA account.

I started with the React Guide, and I created a developer admin console, to get Admin permissions to easily implement the login flow.

To create my developer account, I logged in with my Github account.

Now, if I have already logged in to my OKTA developer account, and I testing my app, it redirects me to OKTA and immediately redirects me again to my app.

But if I am not logged in, I am redirected to OKTA, then I’m logging by Github:

After login with Github, I redirected to the OKTA Admin page, instead of to my app.

Am I missing something?

Hi @baruchiro! Can you test our sample apps and see if you get the same behavior - GitHub - okta/samples-js-react: React Auth SDK sample? Otherwise, I advise opening a ticket with with this issue; you may have a feature flag interrupting the redirect.