Redirect to Recovery questions page if not answered after Login

How to redirect users to Recovery questions page if not answered after Login. We have this functionality with previous Html page but it does not work with ReactJs Okta widget. If the recovery questions are answered it should redirect to application.

By HTML page, are you talking about the Okta hosted signin widget?

With a self-hosted widget, the user would not be prompted the recovery questions unless they access the Okta user dashboard.

An alternative option you can consider is to set the user’s recovery question and answer during user creation.

We are using OktaWidget(5.0.1) CDN in the Html page. This login page routes the Users to Recovery questions page after authentication.

In our application Users are created by Admin or Support team based on the request sent from Signup page. Hence we do not have option to set recovery question at the time of User creation.

Can you tell your admin or support team to use the API to create the users then?