Redirect user to own hosted Password Reset url

I am using api {{url}}/api/v1/authn/recovery/password to send forgot password email.
When I open email I am redirected to myOktadomain/signin/password-reset page i.e. okta domain hosted password reset page.
However I want to get redirected to my company hosted domain e.g. page.

How can this be achieved ?

Hi @princejit.singh,

You can update URL in the email template. However, the URL contains a recovery token which will need to be passed to your password recovery page. So, you can use the following as the URL in email template:${recoveryToken}.

On your password recovery page, you can read the parameter ‘rt’ to retrieve recovery token. If you use Okta sign in widget, you can bootstrap the widget using recovery token:

Thank you,

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@princejit.singh You can find an example of this set-up in this article to help clarify what @rajnadimpalli described.