Removed user still included in group update

Just testing out an integration we’re developing in house. When I add a user to a group, I get a PUT /SCIM/Groups/{id} request, which contains all the users in that group in the Members object array.

When I remove a user from a group, I get another PUT /SCIM/Groups/{id} request, but the removed member is still in the Members array.

Going to Application → Push Groups → Push Now will send two more PUT /SCIM/Groups/{id} requests; one with all the original members, and then finally a second call with the member removed.

(as an aside, deactivating and re-activating group push still doesn’t send the removed member in the PUT request)

Is this expected behaviour? As a third-party integration developer will I have to put “make sure to go click ‘push now’ after removing a user from a pushed group!” in my documentation when a user is removed from a pushed Okta group?