REST API rate limit

This page specifies the rate limits that are applied to REST API calls.

What will happen to requests sent after breaching the rate limit?

I have to call the Okta primary authentication endpoint in my application. Is it possible to set a lower rate limit for any requests made for a particular user, so the endpoint rate limit is not breached if endpoint is called rapidly for a single user, so any requests made for other users will not be affected?

  1. Requests above rate limit will get 429 response from Okta. It’s described in the documentation.
  2. What you are describing is called ‘Client Rate Limit’, and it’s currently only configurable for /authorize and /login/login.html endpoints. Not sure if /authn is in the roadmap.

Any insights from Okta folks? @andrea

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Far as I know, the two you listed are the only ones it applies to at this time.

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