Retrieve User's MFA enrollment data

I’m looking to retrieve the phone number (or any data really) that was used for the user’s MFA enrollment. I can see this data in the logs, but I’m struggling to find an API call that will return back that info.

In example,

  • User enrolls in MFA policy with SMS
  • Phone number set for factor is shown in logs, but not in the user profile anywhere (mobile number still shows null)
  • Call (insert api here) with a user id to get the SMS MFA factor set phone number

Hi Jason - you are looking for the Factors API

You’d need to list the factors a given user has enrolled and sift through the collection to find the Factor Type of interest.

In the case of an sms factor you’ll find the enrolled phone number in the SMS Profile Object.

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Perfect! Thank you!! This is the one that got me what i needed: {{url}}/api/v1/users/{{userId}}/factors

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