SAML 2.0 in an ASP.NET webforms application


I’m building an ASP.NET webforms application where I’m planning to use Okta as a way to authenticate users, and I was wondering if it’s possible to use the SAML protocol in these types of web applications.

I have seen this example ( where Okta authentication is implemented in a webforms application, but it uses the OpenID Connect protocol, and up until now I have only found documentation for that protocol only. I’ve seen documentation for solutions with the SAML protocol, but they’re mostly for ASP.NET MVC web applications.

There are articles and Github samples but Okta has an article I was trying:,You%20have%20added%20all%20of%20t...%20More%20
I get errors with compiling but I’m hoping they are versions of the packages I used but it links to other pages that describes the process. Easier for me just to set up a VM with a vendor SAML services to test SP to IdP and IdP to SP setup.