Sample for SAML integration with .Net Project


Please can you provide an sample to integrate OKTA SAML in MVC .net 4.5 framework project?

Venu Perumal

Same for me! any help?

@wochipin did you get the integration example for SAML with .NET?

Hi @Krento, no, I did my own research and development.

If it helps, it published in, not 100% fancy (need some refactor) but is working for me. Let me know if need some help.


Thank you @wochipin, I’m trying doing with ASP .NET in C#, and I think I’m close to get the SAML,


@Krento :

Hi Krento,

I have my web application developed using ASP.NET and C#. Now i need to integrate my application with okta using SAML protocol. Google search landed me to this page.Looks like you already implemented this in your project. could you please help me with this. I have separate team which does the configuration changes and i need to do the changes at C# code. Could you please provide me some guidance to incorporate the saml.

Thanks in advance.