SAML Apps and Preconfigured Attributes (API)

I am using terraform to set up SAML Apps with my org. It’s really convenient to use the preconfigured_app option to set up, for example, OCI:

resource "okta_app_saml" "oci" {
  label             = "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure"
  preconfigured_app = "oraclecloudinfrastructure"

With terraform it works particularly well to create the app manually, then import it into Terraform to get the name and settings.

However, I just hit a snag: I need to select groups to send over. In the Web UI there’s a “preconfigured SAML attribute for it”:

I tried adding an attribute statement:

attribute_statements {
  type         = "GROUP"
  name         = ""
  filter_type  = "EQUALS"
  filter_value =

But I get an error message:

Invalid attribute name: The SAML attribute '' matches an existing attribute name within this integration. View the SAML 2.0 setup instructions for a list of predefined SAML attributes. Choose a different name for the SAML attribute to prevent name collision.

Looking at the API response with TF_LOG=1, it seems like the setting in the Web UI isn’t anywhere on the Apps object. Since I can’t override it with a “custom” attribute, that means there’s no way to configure it, with the API or terraform.

Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance!